100% Done-for-You, Turn Key, “Don’t Lift a Finger”

Quality, qualified, exclusive marketing leads looking for your services in your area…..delivered straight to your phone  in 72 hours or less

“If you’re on the fence, get off”

“After having Lead Suite take over all my marketing, I have so many calls that my revenue DOUBLED in less than 6 months.
If you’re on the fence about doing business with these guys, get off it! Don’t try other options, just give them your money and watch your business grow.”

Byron Williams

CEO, Completely Floored

ATTN Local Business Owner: There’s a BIG Problem…

You know you need a steady stream of leads every month, you know there are hundreds of local customers trying to find you, you know online marketing works and will get them to you…but you don’t know how to make this whole thing work without the B.S.!

You know you need a steady stream of leads every month, you know there are hundreds of local customers trying to find you, you know online marketing works and will get them to you…but you don’t know how to make this whole thing work without the B.S.!

Predatory marketing companies, image/brand “advertising agencies”, your web guy, IT companies, SaS platforms, college interns, your nephew that’s good with computers…you’ve probably heard it all.

It’s NOT Your Fault!

You know you need a steady stream of leads every month, you know there are hundreds of local customers trying to find you, you know online marketing works and will get them to you…but you don’t know how to make this whole thing work without the B.S.!

What’s the point of digital marketing in the first place? To get more new customers, clients patients. That’s it. We keep it as simple as that. Best part? It’s done-for-you, you just pick up the phone and pick up the money.

Who We Help Make Money

Home Services





Water Damage Restoration

Mold Removal


Pest Control


Appliance Repair

Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Garage Doors



Landscaping & Lawn Care



Many More

Automotive Services

Auto Insurance

Auto Repair Services

Auto Body Shops

Towing Service

Limo Service

Party Bus Service

Windshield & Glass

Legal Services


Criminal Lawyers

DUI Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers

Immigration Lawyers

Family/Divorce Lawyers

Real Estate Lawyers

Bankruptcy Lawyers

Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers

Many More

Professional Services

Accountants & CPAs

Wealth Advisors

Auto Insurance

Health Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Life Insurance

Pet Insurance

Other Services

Computer Repair

Mobile Phone Repair


Internet & Cable

Dog Walking

Medical Services



Drug & Alcohol Treatment


Physical Therapists



Senior Care

Many More

Dental Services

General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry






Many More

A Quick Welcome Message

Let’s address COVID-19


The world just got its world rocked by both the most threatening pandemic and fastest economic drawdown past 20%….ever, dwarfing the U.S. housing crisis tumble in ’07.

Luckily in both Canada and the U.S., there. is more money changing hands in a day than you could even fathom. Consumers are still spending, but the way they spend on local businesses has changed, likely to be permanent.

Consumers are

1) Relying on the internet and technology for nearly every single purchase before they leave the house

2)Have literally every single option available at the click of a button

3) Needing now more than ever to feel a sense of trust and guidance during their purchases

Pivot, not pause. This is one of the greatest opportunities in history to make a quantum leap in your business.

Competing priorities = you ending up back at square

Typical “advertising, marketing, digital marketing, inbound, search engine, or whatever” companies agenda:

Your agenda:

❌  please and appease its board of directors

❌  please and appease its stockholders

❌  look good and appropriate to the media

❌  build brand identity

❌  win awards for advertising

❌  lock you into contracts to secure payroll

…..and finally

✅   sell something

✅   sell something

“I have to say WOW!”

I have to say “WOW!” Carson and his team has exceeded my expectations delivering leads for my concrete company. Our website is generating more traffic since working with Lead Suite, I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for web design, SEO or lead generation.

Sarah J.

Owner, Independent Contractor

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist!

“SEO? PPC? Websites? Social Media Marketing? Facebook Ads? Which one – when – at what time – and for what price?!?”

Your inbox piling up with overseas spam, pitches from “agencies” and people trying to sell you courses…it never ends. Cut the noise – grab your Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist, it will help you identify what’s missing from your current strategy and what to improve to bring you more revenue and profit.

“You can’t improve what you can’t measure

-Peter Drucker

If You’re Not Growing FAST, You Probably Don’t Have a

Local Lead Machine™

The for the maximum flow of calls, leads, and profitability year in, year out – you MUST dominate your local market when new customers try to find you online.

Our turn key, proven, predictable, battle-tested, in-the-trenches system does exactly that.

1) Take Over the #1 Sponsored Search Placement

2) Take Over the #1 Organic Search   Position 

3) Take Over the #1 Organic Maps Search Position 

We Turn Clicks into Customers

Keep Your Phone Ringing


Average Partner Sales Growth


Partner Happiness & Retention Rate


No B.S.

Think we’re full of it??

“Smartest investment we’ve ever made”

“We had no idea how this ‘internet thing’ worked, but we knew we wanted a piece, we just didn’t know how.
These guys do. The best part? We go to sleep every night knowing our marketing is handled, and the phone will be ringing all day when we wake up. The smartest investment we ever made.”

Jessie T.

Owner, Anonymous Plumbing & HVAC company

Meet the Squad

Big agency results with small agency care. Our squad of awesome will get your phone ringing with customers…..we’re also known to consume copious amounts of caffeine…..before 10am. 

Carson Crane, Fearless Founder & Partner Project Pro

The marketing maniac you all know and love, Carson started Lead Suite because, quite simply, he saw that all the other options for brick-and-mortar businesses sucked. He firmly believes that you are the backbone of the built environment and you deserve the credit.

When he’s not neurotically making sure everything we do [even down to the bread crumbs] is getting you more customers, revenue and profit, you can find him loitering at local skateparks, in another country the next, writing (ahem, ranting) about business philosophy, taking what he thinks are introspective photos and shredding blues and metal licks on his out-of-tune guitar.

P.S. Yes he thinks he’s famous….please don’t break the news.

Otto, Tech Team Leader

Websites, rankings and campaigns, oh my! I’m the nerd-on-duty: I handle all the tech stuff that drives the rest of the world crazy.

When I’m not taking over the internet for you, you’ll find me building things with wood, surfing and taking semi-cool pictures whilst on travels…see reflection in sunglasses for details.

Vanessa, Partner Project Manager

Running a business is hard; doing business with us shouldn’t be. I make sure your time with us is easy, “easy like Sunday morning”.

When I’m not keeping you connected, I love to bake, take my dog for walks, spend time with my kids and get lost in books. Lots and lots of books.

Brooke, Partner Happiness Hero

You’ve got a lot to do, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not we’ve even looked at your email.

When I’m not making your day better, I’m either staying in yoga poses too long, traveling to new countries and/or eating way too much ethnic food while I’m there.

Forget the hype. Let’s weigh the facts.


 of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else


of searches  for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours


of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site


 of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results.


of computer or tablet users and 67% of smartphone users want ads that are customized to their city or zip code

$1.4 trillion

By 2021, mobile devices will influence more than $1.4 trillion in local sales.

Source: the super high-quality humans at HubSpot

…..ready for the real kicker?

only 50%

of small businesses have a website


will stop engaging with a site if it has an unappealing design


of users exit websites that fail to display contact info

Source: the fine specimens at FitSmallBusiness

and even after all that, most businesses burn the leads!!

DOUBLE your lead conversion  by being the

first to respond!

Our proprietary Lead Speed™ mechanism turns a measly quote form submission into a live inbound phone call!

Cool, right?!? Listen to some live examples below

Responding within the first 5 minutes increases lead conversions by 391%

50% of leads go with the vendor that responds first

30% of your leads will choose one of your competitors if you don’t respond.

Source: the hot tamales at Chili Piper

Dear Friend,


If you’re like 99% of business owners; frustrated, not satisfied with your marketing results and frankly, a little bit angered, allow to me take some weight off your shoulders.

I stand behind everything myself and our team does. We’re the one company you can actually feel like is on your team. I will even cut you a 100$ dollar cheque and have it priority rushed to you if you’re not satisfied with our programs…although when the phone starts ringing and stays ringing, I doubt you’ll feel unsatisfied.

My Promise to You

Put a Local Lead Machine™ to Work FOR Your Business

So You Can Work ON Your Business

(buttons don’t bite)

Share the Beans

Winning in business is the greatest…..why not share with the world?

5% of every dollar that comes our way goes to charitable causes to help put some wind in rest of the world’s sail.