Not booking as many quoted jobs in a month as you want?

Click on the video to your right to learn more about our No B.S. Lead Generation for Smart Renovation, Remodelling, Repair & Home Services Businesses and fire HomeStars already.

We can guess, either:

A) HomeStars leads suck
B) figuring digital marketing out yourself sucks
C) deleting emails for "SEO Services" sucks, or
D) all of the above.
You're not alone. 

It Gets Worse.

And it's already happening as we speak.
The internet changed the game for marketing and lead generation efforts for your operation in 1997, and now A.I. is changing marketing from the "information age" to.....the "automation age".

61% of home services businesses got left behind in the paradigm shift to digital, and 2/3 of them didn't even catch many do you think will get left behind in the next great market and wealth transfer? Will YOU get left behind this time?

A Simple View of the Available "Options" for Help

Directory Lead Generation (Shared Leads)
Your typical first (usually only) stop, these are leads that are being quoted by 10+ other companies in town:
(Good Luck)
9/10 reno, repair and home services companies were started from scratch; as industrious business people, many gravitate here:
Hire an "Agency"
(and Put on Spam Filters)
You know the kind, your inbox is filled with all sorts of amateur pitches for "SEO" or Google as or "Social Media Marketing":
❌ Sporadic lead flow, leaves gaps and ads to "feast and famine"

❌ Leads are beaten up by multiple companies, usually 10+

❌ Bill you even if they deliver ZERO leads, and never pro-rate

❌ Sometimes charge EXTRA during seasonal high tides?!?

❌ Horrible customer service, your "rep" never solves any problems

Commoditizes your brand, leads try and "price shop" you
❌ Impossible to "double-dip" when it comes to mastery one craft

❌ Extremely time-consuming and leaves no time for proper testing

❌ Learning from ground zero, without a team of professionals

Shiny Objection Syndrome leads to mass confusion

❌ Burnt ad budgets = flushing money down the toilet

Unscalable, saddles one person with all the time-consuming tasks
"Basement Agencies" focused on paying their light bills

❌ Still honing their craft; have no confirmed hypothesis of results

❌ 9.9/10 are generalists and have zero systems for home services

Still going through courses on "how to start an agency"

❌ Charge generic retainer packages; not tailored per industry

 "Big Agencies" need to appease board of directors, look good in the media, win advertising awards, etc.

or, Lead Suite™ 

✅  Consistent lead flow at appreciable volume to end the "feast and famine" cycle once and for all

✅  Exclusive, fresh, city-specific inbound leads; be the first and fastest to dialogue and quote - no sharing!

✅  Targeted leads that are interested and ready to quote in your target locations, no bottom-barrel crap

✅  Quantifiably accurate lead valuation based on location and geo-based buying ability

✅  Unique Selling Positioning (USP) in-built to the wiring under-the-hood, think systems vs randomness

✅  Your brand remains intact and respected, leads see you as the "#1 go-to brand" for the target area

❌  No B.S., disappointments and/or another "marketing company" that didn't do squat but send a bill

Here's What We Do

Forget "digital marketing technology", here's what works:

1. Expose

Our lead generation properties dominate your target locations and expose interested MQL's to a unique offer designed to capture their info

2. Attract

Our proprietary Lead Magnets™ position you as the "#1 go-to provider in the target market and get them to take a step toward you 

3. Advance

Our system makes it easy to advance leads to a quote or the next step in your acquisition process because they come to you pre-positioned

Here's What Happens

Leads Driven + Converted...and Counting
Years Experience
Client Retention
Headahces Avoided

What Clients Have to Say

Byron Williams

Owner & Founder, Completely Floored, Toronto, ON
"Carson and his team are my #1 go-to for our lead generation. Before, I was chasing dud leads on HomeStars. If you're still on the fence, get off."

Devon Fazio

Owner & Operator, DTF Waterproofing Solutions, Barrie, ON
"Our site and all our SEO juice was held hostage by another company and lying dormant. I can't thank them enough for getting it all back live."

Jason Gallagher

Owner, Upper Level Roofing, Cambridge, ON
"Brand new stylish and professional website for a brand new Roofing business! Thank You!"

See For Yourself

Web Design

Design and UX of Oxygen website

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Graphic Design

Custom Icons for Lola

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Quick Portfolio

Our Marketing Menu

Web Design & Development

Beautiful, functional and market-tested websites that are data tested to produce as many leads as possible

Search Engine Optimzation

Optimize every nuance of your website to rank high in search engines and be the #1 "looked for" provider in your target areas

Lead Generation

Digital optimized lead generation properties in 1000's+ places on the web, designed for maximum lead volume and quality sent YOUR way first, and always

Sales & Conversion Support

Low lead conversion rates? Low show up rates? Leads slipping away? Utilize direct response marketing they way it should be done

Operations & Business Development 

Working IN your business instead of ON your business? Exploit our deep reservoir of practical business growth nuggets in modern times

Branding & Marketing Material 

All the swag; logos, brand identity, uniforms, company shirts, hats, vehicle graphics, you name it - we got it

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